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You just need to give your data. We open accounts quickly and without unnecessary operations.
Простое открытие счета
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The maximum degree of efficiency and reliability due to stable and fast services.
Простое открытие счета
A wide range of financial instruments
Flexible selection of accounts and currency pairs in the Forex market, the individual proposals.
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Thursday, 21 November 2019
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10-y Bond Auction
10-y Bond Auction is a leading market demand and profitability indicator. Profit falls compared to the previous auctions generally have a favourable influence on the currency.
0.295%; 2.30 0.409%; 1.56 Low
BOC Governor Stephen Poloz Speaks
Mr. Poloz was appointed Governor of the Bank of Canada, effective 3 June 2013, for a term of seven years. As Governor, he is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank. Mr. Poloz has over 30 years of public and private sector experience in financial markets, forecasting and economic policy. Traders and investors listen to his speeches, as they may contain hints at change the course of monetary policy, or a change in the Bank's assessments of the economic outlook.
FOMC Member Loretta Mester Speaks
Consumer Confidence

Consumer confidence is a measure of popular sentiment concerning the Eurozoneeconomy. The figure is derived from a survey that asks thousands ofconsumers about personal expenditure patterns and inflationary expectations. In general, rising consumer confidence precedes increased consumer spending, which drives both economic growth and inflation. Even though t he Italian economy is heavily driven by its export sector, domestic consumer confidence is an important gauge of overall economic activity and future inflationary pressures.

A headline figure above 50 shows positive consumer sentiment, while a number below 50 shows negative consumer sentiment; the greater the distance, the stronger the sentiment.

-7.6 -7.2 - Low
Credit Card Spending

Shows a change in the total expenditure made via credit cards.

-0.1% m/m; 4.7% y/y -1.5% m/m; 2.5% y/y Low
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